Defigem finance


DeFiGem, is a futuristic DeFi ecosystem hosting a series of DeFi protocols within the ecosystem. We aim to build several platforms including lending and borrowing crypto assets, decentralized automated market marking (AMM), and NFT creation service on the ethereum blockchain.

DeFi Incubator


We are launching an incubator program for all future DeFi startups that require helps through research, data analysis, marketing, fundraising, etc. We aim to be the #1 spot for DeFi services.

Yield Farming


We offer high yield return along with additional token rewards through our incubator program. This could be a huge win-win for both parties.

Staking & Governance


DGEM token has a staking program only for the first 12 months at an APR rate of 20%. Also, DeFiGem has a governance token "GGEM" with only a 2,100 max supply.

What we do?

What is DeFiGEM Finance?


DeFiGem Finance focusing on simplicity, user experience, privacy, and global adoption. It provides a classical way to optimally earn a yield on assets through its series of products. DeFiGem enables users to lend and borrow crypto assets in a decentralized environment. Users can earn interest on the deposit and borrow synthetic assets. We have a plan to support USDT, DAI, ETH, BTC, and most other well-established blockchain tokens.